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Butterfly New York Strip Milanesa with Parmesan Gravy
















How to:

Step 1:
For the perfect butterfly cut, you make a cut across the strip steak measuring 3 fingers and stop before you cut all the way through it. When you open it up, your steak now looks like a butterfly!

Step 2:
Flatten it to the desired thickness and let it rest in a marinade made of egg, mustard, and a spice or herb salt.

Step 3:
Coat it with breadcrumbs and fry it on both sides.

Step 4:
For the sauce, heat some heavy cream and add finely grated parmesan cheese to dissolve into it.

Step 5:
Serve it and garnish it with lemon and parsley.

Step 6:
There you have it, enjoy this delicious Milanesa made with Argentine “bife de chorizo” steak!